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Village Green Resoration Project

Where we are at with the Village Green Restoration Project

In the next couple of weeks I would like to plant up the entrance making a feature of this garden. I have approached Malcolm Paterson for guidance as I would like Ngati Whatua to have input in the way of “markers” in this garden. Malcolm will take this back to his elders in the next week or two and come back to us with is significant to Ngati Whatua. This entrance is at the high point of the bank and will be instrumental in leading people down through the wide track. Anybody that can lend a hand with planting for the entrance please either e-mail me at and I can work out a day that suits us all.

The next big job is to establish our new nursery. The Rangers need their space for their own plants and we have a lovely site behind the surf club to use. Some time ago I did a presentation at Waimauku Lions for financial assistance and hope to hear this week for confirmation that they will finance a container for us to use as storage for our equipment and an all weather potting shed. Phelan has some fantastic innovative ideas for cladding the this space! We can then fence in a nursery area and start collecting seeds to grow more natives for stage 2 which is to carry along the bank towards the village green clearing all the weeds and establishing natives. Some of the big pines will be dropped and the wood sold as cheap firewood or used to build the boardwalks and bridge across the swampy areas. Once the new nursery is established Ruth will have a permanent base to work with the kids on her next project. We also want to build a community composting area on the same site, anybody that can help with post hole boring, carpentry, clearing or anthing else please contact us either through the website , through our facebook page or at my e-mail above.

Thank you again everybody for all your support in this worthwhile project.


Update for April 2013.

Some good 'before and after' photo's of our work on stage one...

Before... view from the Fire Station over a big pile of weeds!

... mulching tractor at work clearing the area (March) ...

... volunteers hard at work spreading the mulch around (April)...

Background on this project...

The reserve area in Muriwai encompassing the playing field, tennis courts and a pond is locally known as the ‘Village Green’.

In addition to some significant recreational facilities and the Community Centre and Surf Club there is also a wetland, pond and large areas of weeds that are currently not enjoyed by residents because they are inaccessible.

It has previously been used as a dumping ground for rubbish and weeds infest most of the green areas, the wetlands have been degraded by invasive plant species and in its current neglected form it is under-utilized by the community.

Some years ago local resident Julie Boys created a plan to enhance the Village Green, improving access for users and linking re-vegetated enclaves and recreational areas with paths, this plan was never fully implemented.
In 2012 after many months of working with residents, the community, Surf Club and Auckland Council MeACT produced the first detailed long term restoration plan for the 'green' areas of the Muriwai Village Green. This is a long term plan with the work of dedicated locals will see this neglected area transformed. When completed a series of attractive native plantings will complement the recreational areas and these will be linked by formed walking paths and boardwalks.

Local landscape architect Dewlyn Shepherd assisted with developing the plan and the project is being managed by local horticultural practitioner Erin Griffin.

Stage one with weed clearing commenced in 2012 and the first replanting will start in Autumn 2013.

On completion it is envisaged that this project would create an attractive and valued community asset for generations to come.

To get involved with this exciting project contact 

Erin Griffin on 411 7287 or

A full detailed plan of the Muriwai Village Green Restoration project can be downloaded below.

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