Auckland Unitary Plan

Muriwai Unitary Plan Submission
Muriwai Community Submission

Well it's finally completed, the joint MeACT / MBPA community submission on the Draft Unitary Plan!

A huge thank you to all those who have helped with this, especially Brian Moorhead, Clari Davies from the MBPA, Phelan Pirrie (MeACT), Joss Hong and Roy Mason!

The submission is broadly in support of the Unitary Plan in what it offers Muriwai.

The submission is at the bottom of the page to download.

We URGE everyone to put in their own submission on the plan, to date there have been 3000 submissions. Even if you actually like the draft plan its important you submit this because otherwise the naysayers could see further development and subdivision forced on Muriwai.

You are welcome to download our submission and cut'n'paste it into yours.

There is also a submission form at the bottom of the page to download if your'e using snail mail.

Click here to make your own submission today - don't delay!!!!

Muriwai Unitary Plan Public Meeting

A huge thanks to everyone who completed the survey on Muriwai, we got 125 surveys completed.
The information has been put together by Clari Davis (MBPA) and Brian Moorhead we will then take results relevant to the Unitary Plan and put together a draft submission.

The next stage is critical for the community...

A public meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 23rd May at the Surf Club.

We will be presenting the results of the survey, the draft submission completed put together jointly by MeACT and the MBPA on behalf of the community, there will also be Local Board members and Council Officers presenting on Unitary Plan issues relevant to Muriwai.

It's a last chance for Muriwaian's to give constructive input regarding draft submissions based on survey results before it is submitted at the end of the month.
More information about the public meeting and it's format, plus the draft plan and survey results will be circulated prior to the meeting.
Hope you can make it - this is an important issue for all residents of Muriwai!

Survey Results now online

Thank you to everyone in the community who responded to the survey, we got 125 responses!

The results of the survey are now online here.

We will be working over the next week to put the results relevant to the Unitary Plan into a draft community submission.

Take the Muriwai Unitary Plan Submission Survey Now

The Auckland Council is undertaking work to define the future development of Muriwai Beach as part of the Greater Auckland Unitary Plan. As a community, we have an opportunity to share our vision for Muriwai.

To define the values, aspirations and needs of "Muriwaian's"  you are invited to complete the Muriwai community online survey. All responses remain confidential and there are no right or wrong answers. We need input from as many Muriwai ratepayers & residents as possible.

Key insights will shape the submission. We will be holding meetings to share key findings and the proposed submissions - more soon.

Clari Davis (MBPA representative), Phelan Pirrie and Brian Moorhead from Muriwai Environmental Action Community Trust (MeAct) are working together to review the information and raise awareness in our community.

This survey must to by completed by 28 April 2013.  
Don't miss out on having your say!

About this Survey
This survey is being conducted with the intention of putting together a submission to Auckland Council on the Unitary Plan, on behalf of the Muriwai Community.

The questions are general ones about how you see Muriwai now, your likes and dislikes and what you hope the community will look and feel like in the future.

We hope this information will enable us to formulate a submission that supports parts of the draft plan people indicate by their responses they support, and ask for changes to those parts of the plan people indicate they are concerned about.

After the close off at the end of April a draft submission will be prepared be and this emailed out to the community plus there will be a public meeting in May to present a draft submission after this any changes will be made prior to submission at the end of May.

Personal Submissions?
We strongly urge people to make their own submissions as well, the more the Council hears from the Muriwai Community the better! 

You can make a personal submission by clicking here.

Muriwai Unitary Plan Presentation
The Local Board are holding a 'walk in' session for Muriwai residents on the Unitary Plan.

This is a great chance for locals to talk with planners and local politicians about what the Unitary Plan means for Muriwai, there will also be a planner to talk about the RUB (Rural Urban Boundary).

Why should you go?

The Unitary Plan could have a huge impact on how Muriwai will develop over the next 10 years, unless we as a community ensure this plan takes into consideration the things you think are important for our township, we could end up having something undesirable which we won't be able to change.

The Unitary plan will determine minimum section size, how subdivisions will work, the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB), the look and feel of communities, and a range of important rules around planning for future growth.

Following on from the meeting MeACT will  distributing a survey to residents to get your views on the plan and your thoughts on Muriwai and we hope to use this, consultation meetings, and joint work with other community groups to put a community submission to Auckland Council on the Unitary Plan so our voice is heard.

WHAT: Unitary Plan - Local Board walk up sessions (you can come any time between 7-9pm
WHEN: Thursday 21st March 7:00pm - 9:00pm
WHERE: Surf Club at Muriwai - Jack Butt Lane
WHO: Everyone - it's important!

The Auckland Council is currently developing the Unitary Plan (see Q&A on right).
Muriwai was not represented at the Rodney Area consultation meeting in October, and it's important our communities voice is heard on this important plan.

To help the community be heard, MEACT is facilitating a process to allow everyone in the community to come together to put in a submission on the plan.

This process is open to anyone in Muriwai, however, individuals can and should make their own submissions to the plan if they wish. The more feedback Council gets from the community the more the plan will represent what the community wants.

MEACT will simply be facilitating this process in the community, we will provide an independent person to run a series of consultation meetings, and at the end of these meetings participants feedback will be collated into a plan that will be published that will then be submitted to Council on behalf of the community.

The Unitary Plan meetings will not be about any other issue regarding Council, they are purely to gain a community consensus around the Unitary Plan and so will only focus on this.

Because we are now on the back foot with providing feedback, we have limited time to get together to put together a submission, we will have to move quickly to ensure our voice is heard. 

Basic FAQ  About the Unitary Plan

Q: What is the Auckland Unitary Plan?

A: The Auckland Unitary Plan is the rulebook for what you can do on your land and property and how we use the natural and physical resources of the region.

Q: Will it primarily be a roll-over of existing district plans under a new name?

A: No, it will be a review of all plans apart from the Hauraki Gulf Islands District Plan, which has only recently been through a similar process. Many of the outcomes and approaches included in the existing district plans will be reflected in the Auckland Unitary Plan. The Unitary Plan will also reflect the high-level development strategy in the Auckland Plan.

Q: Why is the Auckland Unitary Plan being developed now?

A: The Auckland Unitary Plan is one of the key tools to implement the Auckland Plan, which provides the strategic direction of how and where the city will grow and develop over the next 30 years.
Following consultation and public hearings, the Auckland Plan was finalised in May 2012.

Q: When will ratepayers need to refer to the Auckland Unitary Plan? Is there an outline of what it covers?

A: The Auckland Unitary Plan will contain policies and controls for what you can and cannot do on your property and how the region's natural resources can be used.
It will cover things such as whether or not you need a resource consent (i.e. planning approval) to build a house, make alterations or demolish a building. It will also identify protected heritage buildings and trees, and other features of Auckland’s environment that need to be protected, and determine what you can do on or with our water resources (i.e. streams, lakes and the sea).

Q: When will the Auckland Unitary Plan be complete?

A: The council aims to have a discussion draft to release for informal public engagement from March to June 2013. A completed Unitary Plan will go to the council in September 2013 for a decision on public notification and formal consultation. In the meantime, existing district plans and regional policies and plans remain operative.

Q: Who is Auckland Council consulting on the plan?

A: To get the quality plan that Aucklanders deserve, and to achieve our vision to be the world's most liveable city, Auckland Council will consult with a broad range of stakeholders, organisations and communities to help us determine how best to accomplish outcomes at a regional and local level. Starting in September 2012 Local Boards will be working with key groups in their communities and council will work with stakeholders regionally to test approaches and provide direction for the development of the plan. This will include working with property owners, developers, residents groups, regional advisory panels, iwi and the Independent Maori Statutory Board. This engagement will build on the feedback already received on the Auckland Plan. In March 2013 Auckland Council will engage more widely across the region on the draft plan.

Q: Are Local Boards involved in the Auckland Unitary Plan?

A:  Yes, Local Boards play a key role in the development of the Unitary Plan. Local Boards have an important role identifying and communicating the views, local impacts and issues facing their communities to the governing body. The governing body must consider the Local Boards' views on the Auckland Unitary Plan. Local Boards will lead engagement on the Unitary Plan with their communities.

Q: Will the Auckland Unitary Plan be tailored based on the different areas of Auckland, or will it deliver complete consistency across the entire region?

A: The Auckland Unitary Plan will look to provide greater consistency across the region, while recognising local characteristics as reflected in the Auckland Plan, and local place-based planning initiatives which will help apply the Auckland Plan at a local level.

Below are some useful links on the Unitary Plan...

What can you do?

Get onto our mailing list... email your details to

Come along to the meetings - they will be publicised in advance via email and online, in local media and hopefully via The Gannet if publishing cycles allow for this.

If you can't make the meetings, email us your feed back to be included in the submission.

Check the documents below so you know what areas the plan covers.

Make a personal submission to Council on the plan (click here)

Complete our survey (click here)

Main Contact / Facilitator
Brian Moorhead.
09 411 5416

Consultation Phases
Stage one: to August 2012
Direction setting and development of draft provisions 

Stage two: August - November 2012
Local Board and stakeholder input to development of draft plan COMPLETE

Stage three: March - June 2013
Engagement with public on a draft plan

Muriwai Residents Survey
Underway now - see link above

Stage four: June - August 2013
Prepare proposed Unitary Plan for Council decision to notify

Stage five: from September 2013
Statutory consultation on proposed Unitary Plan

Documents and Draft Plan
pdf files below to download.

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