Muriwai Unitary Plan Survey Results

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General SH16 /corridor feedback
Exactly as submitted, unedited.

Traffic is a problem already - there is no way that current infrastructure could support further development.

There needs to be a bypass around kumeu

Keep nz green and stress free living. stop residential sprawl by creating high density urban living in all ready populated areas. If development spreads out to rural areas start by dividing land into lifestyle blocks like the back of kumeu. Don't touch Muriwai. It just needs cleaning up and I think it is improving as house values increase and people gain local pride for what we have and can protect.

I agree there is potential for development around existing settlements on the Western Corridor as long as these communities have adequate green spaces and the highly fertile horticultural land is retained i.e. Whenuapai, Huapai, Kumeu, Waimauku.

Poor access to public transport and high schools

The necessity of a roundabout at the Waimauku intersection

The rail service needs to be developed to have two tracks before the population expands to limit the cost of railway work.

Farms that are going to be along that corridor (Renalls farm for example) should be helped with plantings, possible road design, septic disposal etc, so that when the farm becomes open to residential development, the owners have already identified, and perhaps landscaped to suit future use. Examples would be defining wetlands for reserves, planting trees along waterways to give beauty to future shopping precincts etc. The Hobsonville development is very raw, and ten years worth of pre-planting and possible earth shaping could provide a very established looking neighbourhood as soon as houses are built. There would also be infrastructure in place (like sewage treatment ponds) before anyone moves there and causes delays with objections. Western Motorway will not be up to the traffic - it isn't now, even with improvements, so public transport must be made more possible. There need to be express trains and buses, because people are not going to use them if it takes 1.5 hours to get to work on the bus (as it does now).

make highway 16 three lanes first or improve public transport w/train to AKL

I think Muriwai's charm and appeal comes from the fact that it still retains the small village feel and has none of the clutter of holiday chalets, big businesses, ice cream stalls, etc. Visitors come for the surfing and water sports, the beach, the Gannets, golf and the open spaces and walks. SH 16 serves as a link to many commuter areas NW of Auckland, and this is not a good reason to have unlimited growth in Muriwai.

The train line would be absolutely essential for this to work.

What about the transport system... We need to keep farming land to get the food production close to the communities.

retain its rural character

motorway needed

Develop the road and rail service before building more housing.

Probably correct but have to deal with transport issues the new motorway already clogged because more north shore traffic using it - no cart before the horse here....sort out the traffic issues which seems impossible before jamming more people in .

Also believe Muriwai special jewel in Auckland crown must not be developed any more or will lose its unique beauty

The number one priory is to fix the roads for the voulum of traffic and commuters that we have already seams enividable no matter what we say unfortunately.. However I am not looking forward to seeing any of it being developed.. 

Helensville would be a great place to improve as it has a lot of character but is looking a little tired. An increase in development there would work, and could then see the train link back in operation. The bus travel time from Helensville into Auckland is just too big for people to seriously consider. Kumeu and Waimauku would also benefit from being prettied up as Kumeu is pretty industrial and unattractive, and the new block of shops at Waimauku is unispiring. The train line should be in use!! Buses are too infrequent, hard to get and expensive. If the council intends for these areas to grow, a high school would need to be built as kids already travel a long way, particularly from Muriwai to attend the nearest high schools.

Must have a roundabout or lights at intersection with sh16 and muriwai road. Especially if traffic will increase. Very dangerous

I think its a great idea but there needs to be systems in place to make it affordable for young families to either buy land or housing, eg first home buyers, families with young children. But it needs to be affordable, $365000 for a small section is not affrodable for family with young children on one income.

My previous answer is based solely on my fear that more development will increase traffic on the roads and it takes me too long to get to work now in the city. We need a roundabout at the junction of Muriwai Road and Highway 16 and more passing lanes or two lanes along the corridor before any further development is considered.

More SH16 safe crossing areas need to be developed such as over bridges. roundabout at Muriwai rd/Sh16 intersection.

More public transport please. Footpaths for prams please.

Will only work with serious attention to traffic flows/provision and public transport. Should be restricted to areas close to the SH16 to reduce additional demand on secondary traffic routes

Too many large trucks Safety around the two schools with direct access to Highway 16 Muriwai Road/ State Highway 16 intersection !! What is to happen to make this safe for motorists and pedestrians?

If green design and new principles of township infrastructure are employed for a new functioning future. Not if more of usual deadened thinking is employed!

While I understand the need for more green field developments unless there is also employment opportunities for the residents then there will be more stress on the roads and traffic with the scramble into the city. Affordability would also be an issue - not just house prices but the cost of living a long way from employment

It has become a dangerous road that strips eg Kumeu of all character. towns should be located off the 16, or there should be ring roads. Definite need for roundabout by Waimauku school

Makes sense, so long as the village character is retained

I don't know much about it - but driving past it looks like a giant retail development. It makes sense that a residential area will grow around this due to it's close accessibility to Auckland Central. It would be great if the NW motorway came out to Helensville - it will make the central city even more accessible.

Take the through traffic out of Kumeu Main Street

All good to have small village like settlements attached to the corridor - as long as it doesn't look like fricken Botany Downs.

The rail service needs to be reinstated for commuting hours in particular

Avoid strip development

I would like to see no change to the rural areas currently what Auckland needs to do is contain itself within its current urban boundary and not continue to sprawl into current rural environments.

Get the corridor through to Helensville ASAP the main road is basically the same as when I moved here 34 years ago (Plus it did have overtaking lanes!!) We need a better system to town

I believe decisions around the improvement of transportation should be considered and made prior to any discussions/decisions are made about future growth, as at present they are totally inadequate.

A coordinated approach would be good; no more piecemeal stuff

All very well developing the area but need the infrastructure to go with it - the motorway needs to be developed (and widened to 3 lanes throughout) all the way to Helensville AND a workable transport system (the recent trial was a JOKE and set up to fail). thought to the 'look' of townships to ensure they grow into attractive areas (eg Warkworth) v's looking like you are driving through an industrial estate (Kumeu) - factory or shed housed businesses should not be allowed on the main road but be provided for in an appropriate area near the heart of the town ie accessible but not dominant with characterful retail buildings on main streets

Provide better public transport options. Reinstate Helensville to City passenger train service with option to hop on and offf train between New Lynn and City. The last trial was scrapped but did not offer this to commuters which may help to explain why it was underutilised. As a part of this the Waitakere Line should be extended through to Kumeu and Kumeu made into a transport hub for the western corridor. People can drive to kumeu from further out west and park and ride on trains and buses

Only provided the investment in public transport matches or is greater than the growth in population


A roundabout is needed at the junction of Muriwai Rd. and Highway 16, ( at Waimauku) with reduced speed limits on the surrounding roads.

Limit Waimauku growth; put town centre infrastructure in Kumeu-Huapai with SH16 bypass; make Kumeu-Huapai proper satellite town with green fields between Westgate & Kumeu; express/hub transport links from Kumeu and Westgate to Akl city

I am not looking forward to living so close to the enormous retail development at westgate! Green belts are important to retain unique community identity. Traffic congestion is a growing problem around Kumeu. Put resources into Helensville to build a self sufficient non commuting town. Bypass the motorway away from Kumeu . Look again at a train system for commuters.

I live in this area and have done so for 35 years in this time I have seen numerous Council attempts to plan or not plan. The present Council is proposing an area of Future Urban big enough for a small city around Kumeu and Riverhead. This extension has no evidence of community support.This aside sewerage ,water and I.T. networks are in place and we will get a large population increase even if not wanted by all. Helensville has been left in the doldrums and farming on the land in our area is becoming uneconomic in its present form.

Ok by me as long as the infrastructure is put in place 

If 20,000 houses are to be built in Huapai/Kumeu then roading should be improved passing lanes on SH16 and a Kumeu bypass. New schools intermediate and high school. Public transport with large park and drives. This should be put in place before the houses are built

Protect it from too much development. What is happening at westgate is a travesty. Do we really need another shopping centre. Something needs to be done about waimauku. Another shopping centre that was a disaster and looks horrendous.

Needs to be upgraded or a public transport system should be implemented

No more Development as all existing roads are now too full to capacity

Slow stages of growth with appropriate infrastructure.

A roundabout is required at the junction of Hwy 16 and Muriwai Road at Waimauku to ease traffic congestion and increase safety. Residential and industrial development needs to be planned, including 'look and feel' guidelines to avoid haphazard development resulting in ugly town centres as has happened in Kumeu.

The infrastructure is already inadequate for the current level of settlement. This needs to be greatly considered before growth is allowed!

the western corridor is close to maximum capacity already. Further settlement would make the highway intolerable

State Highway 16 dangerously divides Waimauku and the proposed intersection roundabout, is poorly designed for pedestrian, cyclist, or disablity mechanisms to operate safely, and carries a 70 kph speed limit; school childeren and the elderly are particularly at risk with a fatality occurring recently. Plans for node-based growth on the Western Corridor do not incorporate over-bridges or any other contriviance for the safety of residents/visitors (excepting Kumeu). It is therefore difficult to see how planned settlement growth in Waimauku could be justified in a health and safety context and incorporated into the present already exacerbated community bifurcation.

Good if it means the roads are improved and 100km zone from westgate to waimauku would be great!

Once you get passed Westgate it becomes a long line of traffic. There could possibly be room for trains to run again but they need to be updated trains.

This seems inevitable and is hard to deny - it will improve facilities eg shopping to older residents and those without cars.

regular train services with park and ride car slow traffic to 80km on state highway 16 slow traffic around townships with roundabouts good park around river in kumeu

Stop the increase in shopping centre developments that are vacant.

I am happy for this to happen only if they put in a light rapid rail system as this railway line exist. Do not over load the existing roads think smart. I do not want to see anymore valuable farm land cut up for housing infill what is already there only if the infrastructure can take it- county town living

Keep it away from Muriwai! Some development is inevitable. Instead of 1 Main corridor (I assume hWY 16?) - why not spread if further north through Coatsville and the central part of the island?

There is already traffic problems at certain times of the day on SH16, I think there should be no more development along Western Corridor unless the appropriate road infrastructure is in place and there are schools to cater for the increased population.

I think it should stay as rural as possible. There are so few rural area's left in Auckland, we should preserve the ones we have. Instead of clean, green NZ we will be dirty, citified NZ. A good chunk of Aucklands tourists visit Muriwai. The drive past all the strawberry fields, vineyards, fruit/veg shops, and farmland is part of that experience. The appeal will be greatly reduced if the Western Corridor is built up. Will make an impact on tourism $.

Can't handle the traffic loads now. Waimuaku school intersection is a accident waiting to happen, it needs lights or roundabout NOW before someone gets killed! traffic through Kumeu is getting very heavy and is somewhat difficult to get in and out of. Better road signage on the tight bends along Muriwai rd.

I am ok with concept as long as transport is upgraded with any growth

It's obvious Westgate is well on the way to becoming a major 'node' nothing can be done about that and therefore let it become a highly developed settlement set up for inevitable intensive population growth this way. Let it be huge but hopefully its construction will be done with environmental sympathy for future generations. I believe that further development west is totally unecessary and nothing further should be done beyond Westgate. The concept of a Western Corridor opens up the possibility of ugly greedy development dribbling all the way from Westgate to Helensville.

Development should be restricted unless accompanied by adequate transport. That is, we either need a frequent rail system or an extension of the motorway to cope with the resulting traffic. The transport needs to precede development or at least be concurrent.

Development of the Western Corridor should only be supported through to Kumeu. Roading and other infrastructure does not support further extension. Public transportation to/from this area needs to be a priority,

Auckland needs to retain an element of rural living

This road in its current state could not support this development. It should remained undeveloped.

The intersection of Muriwai Road and SH16 needs an urgent upgrade.

The concept of the Western Corridor as an area of node-based expansion is inline with Aucklands obsession with urban sprawl - a desire which is detrimental to not only the state of the environment, but also to the historical significance of many villages and rural communities along that "corridor". Community feel, character, image and output will also be significantly compromised if the Western Corridor proceeds to become as developeed as Greenhithe and othere areas closer to the city. Furthermore, the geological nature of the land (being namely sand dunes) does not seem fit for massive extent of development, especially after the crisis in Christchurch with liquifaction, etc.

I would prefer to see it developed as little as possible. If it is developed i would hope that it would be more tastefully done than other areas of Auckland eg Flatbush. I would hate to see lots of huge houses all looking the same on tiny pockets of land.

Ok as long as infrastructure is in place to prevent environmental effects


I feel strongly about maintain 'green belts' along this corridor. re. *7 "..urban development in Greenfield land" and "protecting natural environment, heritage, productive rural land" would have to be very carefully balanced - is it actually possible to do. both?

Will be good when motorway runs right through to Helensville.

Don't mind too much but maybe limit growth around Waimauku retain some country

There are already settlements in place. THe council should be looking at utilising these efficently before developing greenfield sites. Once they are developed, that's to utlisilie what has already developed. Kumeu township could do with a complete retrofit although easier to type than do.

Traffic congestion and commute times mean this is not a sustainable way to develop and place pressure on pre exisiting infrastructure within these settlement areas.

Further development will compromise the natural environment eg gannet colony any industrial development should be within designated culdersac's hidden from highway 16 by trees mess of hoardings or advertising boards.aka Barry's Point rd .

Kumeu is a total disaster in design.requires a safer road design, starting with a wider northern bridge to a bypass for heavy and throu' traffic.redesign of the southern traffic light.. lane merge..where a left turn into the shopping area is possible,creating a lethal stopping in the left lane. Plus a total remake of the deplorable,dangerous poorly drained , shopping precinct layout.

train service required to enable sustainable transport/ commuting

Awful idea

If the train service was running on a regular basis or other forms of usable public transport this would be great

Dont particularly want to see further growth in ths area, traffic is bad enough commuting from muriwai to the city.

SH16 has limited capacity, so future development along the nodes will hinder its useability

No infrastructure to support growth (water, sewage etc). SH 16 is already busy and any growth will only increase pressure on the road and its users.

Any other comment

Is there anything else you would like to share with us relating the the Auckland Council Unitary Plan?

Open-Ended Response

Please make our roads safer - speed bumps, cameras, more patrol vehicles etc in the township; more safe passing zones on the Muriwai Rd;

Improvements to the Muriwai Rd & SH16 intersection are all needed.

To what extent are the community views going to be taken into account when crucial decisions are being made?

Who exactly are the people making these crucial decisions? What is their real knowledge about the community of Muriwai? 

Traffic is disgusting at the moment. Hopefully there are better plans for our future of commuting.

We need to prevent urban sprawl and create more business out west. Westgate hopefully will help.

With a fairly cursory reading of the plan, I'm fairly satisfied with what the council are trying to achieve.

put infrastructure in place eg sewage which has cost many millions in the time i have been here and still no sewage seystem in place thanks council thou 

The preservation of the Muriwai Regional park, Goldies Bush etc. should be seen as a priority over commercial/residential development at all costs for future generations. 

It should be simple and cheap for all children and adults to have access to fitness facilities, so there should be plenty of sports fields and parks bought and put into perpetual reserve before allowing residential areas to be built.

If these areas are identified now (e.g. buying a 200 acre parkland from Houghtons farm) they could continue to be used as farmland, but planted up so trees and waterways are well established by the time they are needed 


well it is difficult to fully comprehend

It's a set up and pays no attention to the needs of townships

Public transport,especially the rail link, is essential for successful growth of the western corridor.

Respect the voices of our community and keep your city far away from our sanctuary!

If urban sprawl in inevitable, then proper and long term, and creative town planning is a must.

Ugly and cheap developments (for low cost high density housing in particular) do nothing for an area, and in 50 years will look nasty and create potential problem areas (just look to place like the UK where the council estates are so dangerous).

Mixed housing is key, and one of the major current attractions of urban areas compared to other cities where every house looks the same). 

Keep lots of 'off leash' dog friendly areas all over Auckland.

Mowing at the side of the roads is fine. But spraying does nothing in the long term exept poison our waterways and the grass and weeds on the side of the road always grow back. Please take this on board. 

We like the fact that the council have recoganised that this is a very special place. We also like the fact that subdivision will be limited to 4000sqm. This will help to ensure that the environment will be sustainable in the future.

Thank you for trying and asking! Small is Beautiful and Cradle to Cradle growth in balance with the ecology is our first task! 

No subdivision in the Muriwai Village area

There are a lot of families in Muriwai that will be affected by these plans - it would be great if any future presentations could be on a weekend (instead of 7pm on a weeknight).

I have never considered Muriwai to be part of Auckland City and resent Auckland annexing Muriwai and other fringe communities and then changing the urban plan to turn them into suburbs of Auckland 

We need roundabouts not traffic lights

Its all fine but in the end it comes down to whether or not its honoured, enforced and respected.

And what about a conduit for the locals to talk to the Council????

havent see it so cannot comment

I ticked that box is question 7 but wasn't able to add that I think the rural properties on Oaia Road could be broken in to smaller blocks. They are a mixture of the township and rural and growth there would not make a huge difference to the look and feel. However the blocks of land in the other areas such as between Waimauku and Muriwai are important as they are. 


Ease SH 16 congestion at Te Atatu by better utilising Patiki Road, by extending arterial road through to back of Glendene to Hepburn Road. No reticulated waste for Muriwai; put effort into proper individual site monitoring 

Please retain our coastal areas anedy developers swallow them up!

Leave all subdivision rules as they currently are.

The unitary plan is a good idea if it is linked to the actual communities we live in and we all have a say in the decsions that impact us. At present we do not have this link. The Local Boards do not have an effective link with either the Larger Council or the community . Rate Payer and Resident groups are not official representative of our various communities. Hence the need for an official community link with the Council when it comes to Planning our various futures 

I like that there will be no more subdivision in Muriwai.

haven't seen a copy of it


Leave us alone. No more development


Keep muriwai and the surrounding area green

As a constant traveller I have been unable to access any data relevant to the Auckland Council Unity Plan; If it is not incorporated in a newsletter or a rates demand I never see it as: I do not subscribe to newspapers; 
I do not watch television; I am invariably not around on presentation days; 
I do not belong to libraries as they do not have the scientific or technical information that I require; 
I am charged for making a call to the Auckland Council as the number often connects with the Call Centre in Orewa which is an out-of-area call for me and not toll-free. 

There are lots of green solutions that work really well. Composting toilets, solar street lighting. Auckland council needs to look further into theses area, 

Just that Muriwai must remain unchanged as a wilderness area within a regional park and that the village itself should reflect and not detract from that effect. 

high school in huipai would be good on the train line

I found the website impossible to navigate. Cannot find the special ecological significance of my land that I was notified

About a rapid motorway system should hapeen to Helensville before they put more dwellings and people into this area. 

Look at other countries where the infrastructure goes in before the development not 20 years after.

If Auckland City want town growth in the western corridor put in sewage storm water, water roads rapid rail then allow subdivision 

ANY planning needs to include lots of green spaces, open spaces and well thought out landscaping as well a existing natural land features. NOt just housing , shopping and buildings and motorways destroying local environments. 

I believe the boundary lines on their map along Oaia road are not correct. There has not been enough research in the identification of SEAs.

I think a minimum section size of 4000 sq m is to large, there are people who have bought properties for there subdivision potential as their retirement plan and will not be able to do this, they council is in effect denying them their retirement funds I feel 2000 sq m would be more appropriate. 

I like how the have identified SEA's and are restricting subdivision. REALLY don't like that they are going above four stories for urban developement. It will create alot of slums.

I agree with the concept of carefully designed intensive development in specified areas within Auckland City - by people i.e architects who understand the aesthetics required to carry such a vision off successfully. 

Aucklands' urban sprawl here has become totally out of control. But for goodness sake don't even think about eyeing off Muriwai Beach and the forested land up to the Kaipara as a potential area for future development.

The web site seems to have been created so as to make it difficult to access and understand. It this was the intention it has certainly been achieved. Unfortunately I believe it was probably accidental and it is clear the council needs some serious help in this area. In addition, the submission time is far to short and the lack of consultation after submission is deplorable.