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Pest Control Program

2015- 2016 Progress Report

This year we welcome John Stanford, a new trustee who has taken over the Pest Control co-ordinator role from Marty.

The Pest Control Program has seen some notable development and potential expansion recently.  In Sept/Oct the Rodney Local Board provided a further grant of $2000 for nine Goodnature traps, which have been deployed south of Maukatia/Maori Bay. The previously used traps have caught 100 rats and 13 mustelids (stoats and weasels) over the past six months; however the use of Goodnature traps will improve upon this. Goodnature traps are more effective because they reset automatically, meaning that they are constantly in effect. This control of pests is already working to create a safe environment to allow grey-faced petrels and little blue penguins to become fully established in the area. By expanding the area of control here in Muriwai, we are creating a buffer zone that further extends the Northwest Wildlink project. This is a project that aims to connect natural spaces from the Waitakere Ranges to the Hauraki Gulf, and by contributing to this project we are expanding a corridor for native species to thrive across northern Auckland.

We need local support both in ensuring dogs and other pets are not taken into this reserve area, and also to help with trap monitoring.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, or want pest control advice for your place, contact John Stanford,


Blue Penguin Nesting Boxes

In November MeACT members worked with Sea Shepard New Zealand on creating a safe haven for little blue penguins here in Muriwai. After two of the birds were sighted nesting near the gannet colony, Western ITM Kumeu donated timber for the construction of 30 nesting boxes for the penguins. These were built by a team of dedicated volunteers. The boxes are being placed in the Maori/Maukatia Bay area and  further south. We hope that in time this will create something similar to the little blue penguin colony at Oamaru. These nesting boxes are very important for the little blue penguin, who have been suffering a decrease in conservation status, as they not only serve as a home for the nesting birds, but the boxes also help to protect them from cats, dogs and other predators. We think it would be a major achievement if the little blue penguins could become as great an attraction for Muriwai as the gannet colony.

2013 Program

We have received funding from Auckland Council to supplement their trapping program in Maori Bay.

The goal is to work on DOC land south of Maori Bay to extend trapping down the coast with the long term aim or encouraging bird life back to the area including Little Blue Penguins.

We need local support both in ensuring dogs are not taken into this reserve area, and also to help with trap monitoring.

In addition we are offering a free rat bait station with every family membership in 2013. It is hoped that by increasing traps outside the reserve area and targeting rats we can help the local native bird population.

Contact our Pest Control Coordinator Marty Taylor on mardtaylor@gmail.com 

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