Muriwai Pest Control Program

PEST FREE MURIWAI Latest news for this project is the arrival of four Timms traps for possums. Funding for these is through our recent Rodney Local Board grant. This grant also covers the cost of your bait for this current year of pulse control. We appreciate the support of the Rodney Local Board. The possum traps are available initially to members of our Pest Free Muriwai community on a “first in first served” basis, perhaps 4-6 weeks at each location. We will see how this works and what the demand is allowing for some trial and error. 

We already have reports of possum kills. Despite the ongoing trapping by the rangers and volunteers, they are about. What we don’t know is the size of the problem. Hopefully we will get some useful data from the deployment of these traps. Elsewhere you can read about the extension to the “Ring Fence” project. These two projects are designed to work together to create a predator-controlled area in residential Muriwai. Possum control represents a “next step” in the Pest Free Muriwai project. First year was focussed on rats and Warwick says we have pretty comprehensive coverage to date. There are still a few gaps and if you are not on our database and would like to be included please contact Warwick or Gerry. 

Have a look at the maps posted on the Community notice board and in the window at the Top Shop to see if your property is included. Meanwhile, it’s important that we keep up the rat control and maintain the great record achieved to date. I want to acknowledge the great work done by Warwick running this project smoothly with his emails, signs, mapping and overall supervision. He is doing a great job. He appreciates your participation and the number of reports sent in with your results. Please keep this up and also report any problems you may have with rats in the roof, garden, etc. 

We are keen to get on top of this problem. This year your bait is funded by RLB. We hope we have got the numbers right with enough to go around. Unfortunately, this fund is no longer available, so we are following up various funding avenues for the future. We reckon our record to date and the community involvement should support a good argument for community funding. If you know of any likely funding avenues for this sort of project, we would like to hear from you. The recent NZ Garden Bird Survey 2018 is a useful tool to help set parameters for the success of pest control. Bird counts over the years can be used as a gauge of control success. We are hopeful a number of people from Muriwai participated. 

Project 'Ring Fence Muriwai'

In 2015 we initiated the “Ring Fence Muriwai” project to encircle the Muriwai residential area with predator traps targeting rats and mustelids (weasels and ferrets).  Step One we created two lines with traps spaced every 100 metres total 15 DOC200 traps. 

The Northern Line runs from the beach to the fire station and the Te Kakenga Line from Coast Road to Houghton’s Bush Camp (Te Kakenga means ‘the ascent’).

These traps came from the Southern Bays where they were replaced with 13 Goodnature A24 self-setting traps from an Auckland Council grant in 2015. At that time we also increased our predator control to cover four of the southern bays (Collins Bay, Pillow Lava Bay, Powell Bay and now Bartrum Bay)

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to be involved in this project. - 

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