November - Boneseed

posted 28 Oct 2012, 13:28 by Gerry Henley


Boneseed is a bright yellow, showy specimen from South Africa.  It has been showing its pretty yellow flowers for a few weeks now and will soon be setting seed. It can withstand coastal extremes and poor soil, so is right at home here in Muriwai. One plant can set up to 50,000 seeds a year.  If let go it will grow rapidly to form dense stands that shade out native plants.   Now is the time to nail it.

Recognize it: bright yellow flowers, bushy shrub can grow up to 2 – 3 metres.

Young stems are woolly but soon become smooth; leaves are smooth, leathery, oval to elliptical and irregularly toothed

Control it: Hand pull small plants.  Cut large plants at ground level and treat the stump immediately. If it doesn’t have seeds, leave on site to rot down or mulch. Plants with seeds must be buried deeply or disposed of at a refuse transfer station.  Replant cleared areas. Go to our website look under “Weedbusters Resources” for further information.

It great to see so many taking advantage of the weed bins at the Rangers Station.  Three bins were filled and trucked out. A great effort by all concerned. We are working on a plan to have a weed bin available year round.  We’ll keep you informed.

Call or email if you have any weed control questions, we can visit your site if you need assistance or advice.  Flax plants still available.

“Happy Weedbusting”

Gerry Henley,
28 Oct 2012, 13:32