Weed of the Month - August

posted 21 Oct 2012, 15:55 by Gerry Henley   [ updated 21 Oct 2012, 15:57 ]

Velvet Groundsel.

 It must be spring; the daffodils are spreading a splash of yellow.   Further down the road however the other bright yellow flower is our weed of the month, Velvet Groundsel.  All the way from Mexico this is another one that has settled in well and doing it’s best to shade out and suppress native plant re-generation.  There are a few patches of it part way down Motutara where it has jumped the road and established on both sides.  It is also seen here and there around the village.

Pull up small plants now before seed sets.  Cut larger plants back to ground level and paint the stumps with Vigilant gel. Dispose of all plant material at a refuse transfer station. Use Vigilant in good weather as it needs about 4 hours to dry through, and apply with care, as it remains active in the soil. (Read the label and handle all herbicides with care). See further instructions on our web site.


We have been clearing Wattle and Elaeagnus along Oaia Road.  Wattle can be a good nurse plant but it can also take over large areas and does establish along the road corridors.  Do you want this Aussie taking over our streets, we don’t ? It is doing very well in many areas, much too well for our liking.  See our website for more information on controlling Wattle. If you would like to join our Weedbusting team send an email.  If you want to start a Weedbusting team in your street, we can help you get started. 

Flax plants still available, call 411 9951


 Go to "Weedbusters Resources" for fact sheet on Velvet Groundsel.