We have a very active “Weedbusters” group which is open to anyone in the community wanting to become part of our weed-free movement.

This is working with the community street by street to target “hot spots” and support each other in working systematically through the area in our war on weeds.

Our weed free streets program is designed to help our community become weed-free and plant more native species to encourage native birds and reptile life. If you want to get together with your neighbors and others in the community we can help coordinate this by working with you to create a weed eradication plan, providing some additional labour tools and equipment, and then replacement plants to ensure those weeds don't come straight back.

Need help or information? contact 

Gerry Henley  gerry@muriwai-environment.org  09 411 9951

Watch This Weed!
Julys Target Weed is... CAPE IVY

CAPE IVY is flowering prolifically at the moment. It is easily identified by dense clusters of bright yellow flowers as this plant scrambles over everything in your garden or along the road edge. This is the time to nail it as it is highly visible and seeds are not yet set.
Control: Hand pull small plants, or dig out roots (all year round). Dispose of at a refuse transfer station, burn, or bury deeply.  We are in process of establishing a weed disposal strategy for Muriwai.