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New Bird Pest hits Auckland

DOC needs your help.  Red Vented Bulbuls are in Auckland, and the number of areas they are being found in is growing.  These are an aggressive pest bird and we want to eradicate them before they get established.  We urgently need to get reports of sightings of Red Vented Bulbuls as soon as they are seen. 
So far we have recently confirmed reports in four main clusters in Auckland:
1. Mängere, Manurewa, Alfriston
2. Henderson, Massey, Te Atatu
3. Belmont, Takapuna
4. Whangaparäoa Peninsular
In addition, they have also been reported in the Waitakeres in late May/early June.
Please click here for a Fact Sheet.  From this you will see this bird is distinctive to look at.  It also has a very unusual and distinctive call – which you can hear by clicking here.  If you see or hear any unusual bird, please call 0800 809966 immediately.  If you can, please take a photo.

May & June 2013

Village Green Planting Day
Come down and meet us below the Fire Station for the first planting day in stage one of the Muriwai Village Green Restoration project.
10am, Sunday 9th. Bring working shoes, boots, a spade and your family and friends.

Muriwai Unitary Plan Public Meeting
A huge thanks to everyone who completed the survey on Muriwai, we got 125 surveys completed.
The information has been put together by Clari Davis (MBPA) and Brian Moorhead we will then take results relevant to the Unitary Plan and put together a draft submission.

The next stage is critical for the community...
A public meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 23rd May at the Surf Club. 
We will be presenting the results of the survey, the draft submission completed put together jointly by MeACT and the MBPA on behalf of the community, there will also be Local Board members and Council Officers presenting on Unitary Plan issues relevant to Muriwai.

It's a last chance for Muriwaian's to give constructive input regarding draft submissions based on survey results before it is submitted at the end of the month.
More information about the public meeting and it's format, plus the draft plan and survey results will be circulated prior to the meeting.
Hope you can make it - this is an important issue for all residents of Muriwai!

Kids EcoClub Autumn Walk

Come and walk through regenerating bush, explore a hidden gem of Muriwai and bring afternoon tea to share afterwards by the pond.

Gaylene is a nature lover with a wealth of knowledge to share with all who come along. 

Just drive down the driveway and follow signs to pond. 

Assemble on Saturday 18th May at Gaylene and Brian's 71 Constable Road, 2pm (allow 10 mins from parking to rendez-vous). 

Bring sturdy footwear and coat, afternoon tea and a grownup or two.

RSVP to give us approx numbers Ruth
09 4117455 or 021 618915 email:

Village Green Restoration Working Bee
The Site is looking great, with plenty of mulch and rain it is well ready for planting.  As well as our own nursery plants Auckland City Council Parks Department have donated a further 300. 

I am not sure of the quantities per species as they are still holding them for us until planting day but will include manuka, kanuka, cabbage trees, flax and sedges. 

We are still short of plants and I have approached Lions for funding to purchase native root-trainers and hope to hear back in the next week or so. 

Meanwhile we should plough on and plant what we do have while there is still some warmth in the soil, so  

our next working bee is on Sunday 9th June 10.00am 

unless pouring with rain, if the weather is too bad we will make it Sunday 16th June 10:00am. 

Bring a spade, water, your friends and your smile! 

Thanks for your support, Erin

March & April 2013

Coastal Trapping Program
We have received funding for a trapping program south of Maori Bay / Maukatia, and the 31 traps have arrived and are ready for laying.
The long term goal is to reduce predators on the coast line and hopefully encourage penguins to form a colony.

What: Coastal Trap laying.
When: Sunday 3rd March Start 7:30am
Where: Meet at Gannet Colony Entrance - Maori Bay car park.
Wear: Good walking shoes, sun hat & sun cream.
Who: Everyone welcome.
Contact: Marty Taylor. MeACT Pest Control Coordinater. Phone: 022 650 2098 or 411 7387 Email:

MeACT Evening 'The Cove' with intro from Tracy Brown a Muriwaian and Auckland Coordinator of Sea Shepherd

What: Movie 'The Cove' with intro from Tracy of Sea Shepherd
When: Tuesday  5th March 7:30pm
Where: Muriwai Fire Station (we're moving to Surf Club in April!)
Who: Everyone welcome
Contact: Christine Rose. MeACT Marine Mammals Expert. Phone: 021 056 3784 Email:

MeACT Plant Nursery
We have a small but dedicated team that Robin Foubister has put together but we still need more people to help. Currently we are still re potting our seedlings and if you can help it would be appreciated even for an hour - it all helps.

What: Re potting seedlings
When: Any time the Ranger Station is open
Where: Ranger Station Motutara Road
Who: Anyone is welcome!
Contact: Robin Foubister. MeACT Nursery Coordinater. Phone: 411 7323 or 021 159 2469. Email:

MeACT Village Green Restoration 'Work & Play Day'
We are holding a 'work & play' day for our Village Green restoration project. Come and help us rake out the huge piles of mulch donated by Treescape. There will also be kids activities & games and much more to entertain afterwards with a Sausage Sizzle.
We're looking for help to run this event to make it was interesting as possible so contact Ruth if you can assist in any way.

What: MeACT Village Green Restoration 'Work & Play Day'
When: Saturday 13th April 10:00am - 1:00pm
Where: Muriwai Village Green
Who: Anyone welcome - especially kids
Contact: Ruth Atkinson. MeACT Kids Ecoclub Coordinater. Phone: 411 7455 or 021 618 915. Email

Join MeACT!
Join MeACT and help us help the environment in Muriwai.
Over the next few months any family membership comes with a free rate bait station, this will help us extend out the area where rats are controlled and help native birds thrive and survive!

Coming up in 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is going to be a big year for Muriwai with the imminent opening of the Surf Club & Community Centre!

MeACT has a lot of exciting community projects about to kick off and also in the works for 2013.

First off we have a potting bee for all our plants that were propagated in our PGU and are now ready for the potting stage in preperation for planting in the autumn...
What: MeACT/ KidsClub potting bee down at PGU
When: Saturday 2 February 10-12
Where: PGU (down at Rangers Station on Motutara Road
Who: Open to all the more the merrier, kids entertainment confirmation pending - we plan shared morning tea and storytelling for littlies
Bring: Wear your gardening clothes, bring gardening gloves if you have them, prepare to be down and dirty. Bring a water bottle and a hat

Whats coming up this year?
  • Community Plant Nursery  Robin has come on board as our new nursery coordinator  we're looking for volunteers to help with the nursery so if you've got green fingers or want to learn about plant propagation and care, this is a great opportunity to get involved, learn about native plants and help our community planting projects. Contact Robin now!
  • Village Green Re-vegetation Project. Weed removal is due to start and mulch is being delivered, keen to assist with this exciting community project? Contact Erin:
  • Coastal Pest Control Program. We have received funding for a trapping program south of Maori Bay / Maukatia with the view to encouraging Little Blue Penguins back. Interested in helping? contact our trapping coordinator Marty:
  • Auckland Council Unitary Plan consultation. Community consultation of the upcoming Unitary Plan will be taking place in February. Contact Brian:

  • KidsEcoClub. This year the KidsEo club will be involved with our plant nursery, Village Green restoration project, and a host of other events, for more information contact Ruth:
  • Community Waste Management. MeACT's 'Waste Minimisation Expert' Sarah, is working on programs and workshops for the community in 2013 to help reduce the amount of waste we put into land fills including a garden waste composting scheme. Contact Sarah:
  • Gannet Survey. Continuing on from last year our Gannet survey is continuing, those wanting to help out with this important research should contact Gerry:

Don't forget, our events and projects welcome anyone who wants to get involved, if you know someone else who might want to get on our mailing list and get involved, please pass this email onto them.

To get onto our mailing list email us on we'll make sure you're kept up to date with events.

Also, if you're on Facebook, like our page for events and news... MeACT Facebook Page.

August & September 2012

AUGUST 25th – Totoro at the Fire Station
Movie afternoon (an indoor dry event!)
When: 25-8-12  2.30pm
What: Movie afternoon
Where: Muriwai Fire Station
Gold coin donation includes movie and popcorn.

SEPTEMBER 16th – Seeds and stories. Ranger Station
When: 16-9-12 10:00 - 11:30am
What: 'Pricking out' plant seedlings
Where: Ranger Depot, Bottom of Motutara Road
Pricking out the first native seedlings from our new Plant Growing Unit. A
chance to learn about plant care and propagation.

Seabed mining – in our waters and on our shores.
Internationally there is unprecedented economic interest in minerals embedded in the seafloor.   

Consents have been issued for huge amounts of seabed mineral prospecting and extraction on our West Coast, with Greenpeace warning global seabed mining could cover the widest area of all human destruction.

Mining and prospecting includes drilling and sucking, plus a range of seismic and sonic testing.  Already, Rio Tinto are prospecting for minerals off Auckland’s West Coast, covering an area of over 540 km2, and Australian company TransTasman Resources (TTR) is preparing for their first seabed mining consent sometime in the next couple of months. 

There’s also already sand mining occurring within and outside the Kaipara Harbour. 

All these activities have impacts on marine life, especially dangerous for Maui’s dolphins who cannot sustain a single human induced death. 

Seabed mining affects surf breaks, coastal land forms and other marine life too.

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) is committed to informing the NZ public of this issue, so if you want to know more join us at Muriwai Fire Station at 7.30, Wednesday 5 September.

WHAT: KASM on Sea Bed Mining
WHEN: 7;30pm 5th September
WHERE: Muriwai Fire Station

July 2012

July Evening Seminar 
What:  “Our Native Bush, Healing & Medicinal Resource” with Donna Kerridge
When: Wednesday 4 July at 7.30pm
Where: Muriwai Fire Station

KidsClub Beach Dig/Treasure Hunt 
When: Sunday 22nd July at Maukatia, 10 – 11:30am 
Where: Maukatia (MaoriBay) Meet in the car park at the entry to the Gannet Colony.
Bring: Please bring sturdy shoes, rain gear, a small bucket/bag for treasures and an adult.
RSVP! Ruth Atkinson: or 411 7455 
NOTE: this event will be prepared for rough weather but called off in the event of lashing rain.

Annual Beach Clean-up
When: Sunday 29th July, 9:30am 
Where: Meet in the car park behind the Surf Rescue Tower
Bring: Good footwear, a raincoat and  large rubbish sack if you have one (we will provide them too)
Information?: Contact Annette Mitchell Tel:    027 294 2601 or email:

Annual Beach Clean Up
The motivation for Meact continuing to make this an annual event and have community involvement in getting rid of the marine debris that litters our beautiful coastline is not just to make our beach look more attractive.  The effect of marine debris on our environment is much more insidious than that:
  • Marine debris is estimated to kill 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals every year in NZ because they eat or get trapped by rubbish – don’t forget our almost extinct Maui dolphin!

  • The world produces 60 billion tons of plastic every year and much of this ends up in our oceans, like the huge “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” which is estimated to be at  least the size of the state of  Texas.

So, cleaning up our little bit of the oceans backyard is a small way of helping towards cleaning up the global environment for the future.

Much of the beach debris we will find will have come off fishing vessels and cargo ships.  However, much of what turns up  in oceans and also on our beaches, comes from litter and rubbish that has made its way to sea via storm water discharges, wind, poor waste management and residential and industrial dumping into rivers and streams.  Did you know that it takes 30 – 40 years for most plastics and nylon debris to biodegrade at sea?

MEACT will be organizing vehicles to take people some distance up the beach and for the disposal of the rubbish.  Details of the clean-up will be sent out through the MEACT newsletter and on the Muriwai community notice boards.  You can also contact Annette Mitchell to register your interest and involvement on 411 5323 or  We will be really interested to hear from people with 4WD vehicles to take people up the beach – it will of course be around the low tide!   In the meantime put 3-4 hours aside in your diaries for Sunday 29th July for our beach clean-up to do your bit to clean up our precious oceans. Thanks!

What: Muriwai Beach Clean Up
When: Sunday 29th July
Where: Meet at lower Motutara Road carpark or 4WD Entry to beach Coast Road TBC
Bring: walking shoes and a raincoat

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