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Coastal Trapping Program

posted 4 Mar 2013, 16:27 by Phelan Pirrie
Coastal Trapping Program
We have received funding for a trapping program south of Maori Bay / Maukatia, and the 31 traps have arrived and are ready for laying.
The long term goal is to reduce predators on the coast line and hopefully encourage penguins to form a colony.

What: Coastal Trap laying.
When: Sunday 3rd March Start 7:30am
Where: Meet at Gannet Colony Entrance - Maori Bay car park.
Wear: Good walking shoes, sun hat & sun cream.
Who: Everyone welcome.
Contact: Marty Taylor. MeACT Pest Control Coordinater. Phone: 022 650 2098 or 411 7387 Email: