Helping to protect the unique Muriwai  environment.

Making an impact in Muriwai

The Muriwai Environmental Action Community Trust's (MeACT) goal is to facilitate impactful environmental and community projects in the Muriwai area.  

We welcome and support anyone who has a great idea and wants to get involved and do good work for the community.

Muriwai is a unique and special place and our aim is to help the community to protect and enhance our environment.

Our Place

Muriwai is a unique and special place. Find out why.

Our Work

MeACT is involved in a number of area's in Muriwai.

Our Projects

We support a number of great projects in the Muriwai.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved.  Find out how.

Featured Project: The Penguin Project

In the bays south of Muriwai there are little blue penguins.  Meact actively monitors and protects the growing penguin population in the bays south of Muriwai.   

8000 native plants grown and planted.

12000 rats and possums humanely despatched.

14+ acres of invasive weeds cleared.

80+ Penguin chicks protected from predators.