Trust Board

MeACT is a Registered Charitable Trust run by a board of Trustees, individuals who live in the Muriwai community with a shared vision for improving our environment and our community.

MeACT's role is to facilitate action in the local environment and community. We welcome and support you and your great ideas if you want to get involved and do good work for the community.

MeACT supports local projects with funding, management assistance and effective communications, to ensure contributions to the community are effective, valued and long lasting.

Each Trustee takes responsibility for coordinating the various projects and initiatives, and also in developing long term plans for the community and local environment.

As coordinator, the Trustee is there to help support community ownership, either as individuals or through neighbourhood groups, of a project, for example Weedbusting or re-vegetation around improving a public amenity. We are here to support and provide a funding and resource framework to ensure the project is a success for the entire community. Funding for projects is gained mostly through grants from Council or other funding bodies (Lion Foundation). We also welcome subscriptions to help cover administration costs (printing, etc.) See "Support Us". All Trustees and Trust officers contribute on an entirely voluntary basis.

We are always looking for volunteers and interested people to start, join or manage projects.

Please contact us if you want to get involved - don't be shy!!!!