Ring Fence Muriwai

Ridding Muriwai of pests

In 2015 we initiated the “Ring Fence Muriwai” project to encircle the Muriwai residential area with predator traps targeting rats and mustelids (weasels and ferrets). Step One we created two lines with traps spaced every 100 metres total 15 DOC200 traps.

The Northern Line runs from the beach to the fire station and the Te Kakenga Line from Coast Road to Houghton’s Bush Camp (Te Kakenga means ‘the ascent’).

These traps came from the Southern Bays where they were replaced with 13 Goodnature A24 self-setting traps from an Auckland Council grant in 2015. At that time we also increased our predator control to cover four of the southern bays (Collins Bay, Pillow Lava Bay, Powell Bay and now Bartrum Bay)

We are looking to expand these trapping lines past the southern bays and to Goldies and the properties bordering Goldies Bush.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to be involved in this project please contact Micheal Fitchet mrwilderness@gmail.com