Weed Walkers

Wild Ginger is invasive and smothers natives.

Towards a weed free Muriwai

We have a very active “Weed Walkers” group which is open to anyone in the community wanting to become part of our weed-free movement. Weeds crowd out natives, important for our birds and reptiles and are often poisonous.

We work with the community street by street to target “hot spots” and support each other in working systematically through the area in our war on weeds.

Our weed free streets program is designed to help our community become weed-free and plant more native species to encourage native birds and reptile life. If you want to get together with your neighbours and others in the community we can help coordinate this by working with you to create a weed eradication plan, providing some additional labour tools and equipment, and then replacement plants to ensure those weeds don't come straight back.

Weed Walks

Weed Walkers are a super fun and casual group that meets on Sunday mornings for half an hour to target an area of invasive weeds in the community. We also plant seedlings from our native tree nursery.

Bring the kids and give back to your community in a small way. If you would like to be kept abreast of Weed Walkers meeting place and timetable please join our Facebook Group...

Weed Of The Month - Plectranthus

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Know thy weeds...

Grab a booklet from the Muriwai Deli to see what weeds you might have on or near your property.

Try the Weedbusters' Quiz to test your weed knowledge...