Our Projects

Our Current Projects

We are currently focusing on a range of different environmental projects in and around Muriwai. If you would like to get involved please click here.

Future Projects

We have a lot of idea's for future projects, and always welcome more. Some possible projects that we are considering (given time, funding, volunteers and community and stakeholder engagement and buy in) are:

  • Litter Intelligence project - using Sustainable Coastlines citizen science methodology;

  • Youth Development projects

  • developing new Trapping lines and expanding "Ring Fence Muriwai" to Te Henga walkway, Goldies Bush (and neighbouring properties) and '5 mile strip' (Coast Road);

  • Okiritoto Stream restoration (monitoring, riparian planting and weed removal);

  • further development and projects using our Community Native Plant Nursery such as irrigation and plantings around Muriwai;

Past Projects and Events

Some of the past projects that we have been involved in.

  • Kauri Die Back control and education

  • Gannet Colony Monitoring

  • Marine Mammal Rescue training

  • Beach Cleanups

  • Educational Workshops and Seminars

  • Seed Collection workshops

  • Pest control workshops

  • Community Planting days

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