Our Work

What we do

MeACT sees it's role is as a facilitator of action for the environment and our community, so we welcome and support anyone who has a great idea and wants to get involved and do good work for the community.

Meact will support local projects with:

  1. funding and fundraising assistance

  2. management assistance

  3. communications and community engagement

  4. advice and support

We aim to ensure our contribution to the community is effective, valued, and long-lasting. If you have a project and need some help then please contact us.

Our focus area's


Muriwai has an extremily diverse environment. There are many unique plats and animals that makes Muriwai special.

Pest control

Meact has a number of current and future projects for the control and eradication of unwanted plants and animals.


Meact is committed to restoring the Muriwai environment to the way it used to be and to assist in keeping it that way.


Meact is commited to education and providing residents and visitors alike with the tools and knowledge.

We are always looking for idea's and projects that fit into these broad categories. If you would like to find out more about the projects we work on visit our projects page. If you would like to discuss any projects please contact us.