Green Swap Needs You!

Green Swap.pdf

Every Sunday 

10am - 11am

Muriwai Deli

Head down to the space next to the deli to take part in our first Green Swap on Sunday. We will get together at 10:00am and the swap will take place at 10:15. 

Bring down anything that you are happy to share. This could be some extra veggies you’ve grown, fruit from your trees, some seedlings, baking or house plants. 

Even if you have none of these things you could contribute a yummy recipe, half an hour of your time (for weeding or something similar) or a top gardening tip. If you’re going down this (garden) path please bring something tangible e.g. a print out of the recipe or a voucher for you time, just so people know what is on offer.

More details will be explained at 10:00am on Sunday before we start swapping at 10:15.