Pest Free Muriwai

A true community effort!

Pest free Muriwai is a true community initiative, with over 400 Muriwai households contributing by setting baits.

The aim of the project is the rid Muriwai of rats, mice, possums and mustelids (stoats and ferrits mainly) - these pests have a devastating effect on reptiles (skinks and geckos), birds and native insects.

The setting of baits is coordinated and timed to exactly meet the cycle of rats.  Signage and messages are sent to participants to let them know when to set their traps and bait their bait stations.

The results have been amazing with rats becoming something of a rarity in Muriwai. Pest free Muriwai also works in conjunction with Ring Fence Muriwai our broader trapping program.

Other results have been a marked increase in the amount of birds in the main Muriwai residential area, Bell Birds, Kereru, Tomtits have made a comeback and a big increase in Tui numbers have been observed.  We participate in formal bird counts and the results of these will be published on this page in coming weeks.

If you would like to be involved please contact Dale Furbish - 

The Pest Free Muriwai boundary (pink line), also showing Te Karenga (green line) and Oaia Road (yellow) traplines (part of Ring Fence Muriwai).